ABAS Crane

Hydraulic deck cranes with both fixed booms, knuckle booms and telescopic booms.

Alatas Crane Services Worldwide

Crane repairs and spare parts for Offshore and Pedestal Cranes worldwide.

Appleton Marine, Inc.

Manufacturer of Cranes, Winches, Windlasses, Capstans, Hose Reels and Custom Designed Marine Machinery (USA)

Baker Marine

IIntegrated Design/Manufacturer of Jack-Up Rigs. Small Shallow Water Rigs To Harsh Environment Jack-Ups (Singapore).

Bridon Ropes

Bridon Ropes offer a successful range of Endurance high performance products which are stronger and live longer than conventional products therefore achieving considerable cost savings to offshore pedestal crane manufacturers and platform operators (UK)

Crane Spare Parts

Crane spare parts for offshore cranes including American Aero, Aker, Amclyde, BLM, Bucyrus Erie, Fukushima, Hydralift, Kenz, Liebherr, Link Belt, Manitex, Mape, Nautilus, Nor Mar, Norlift, Weatherford, Wolffkran and Unit Mariner offshore cranes


Engine room, deck and offshore crane manufacture (Norway)


DMW Marine

North American Distributor of Palfinger Marine Cranes (USA)

Green Marine

Sales of telescoping, marine and knuckle boom hydraulic marine cranes (USA)


Hydralift Offshore Cranes Manufacture. (Norway)

Hydra Pro Offshore Cranes

Offshore crane manufacturer (USA)


Luffing, telescopic, knuckleboom crane supplier. Boom lengths up to 40 meters and lifting capacities up to 75 tons. (USA)

IHC Gusto Engineering BV

IHC Gusto Engineering B.V. Gusto provides design, engineering and consultancy services, primarily for the offshore oil and construction industries. The company was founded in 1978 by combining the related departments of the former IHC Gusto yard, renowned for designing and building ultra-modern drilling, construction and production equipment for the offshore industry.

Kenz Cranes

Kenz Crane supplier for offshore platforms (Netherlands)

Liebherr Offshore

Liebherr Offshore Crane supplier (Austria).

TTS -Norlift

Material handling equipment for the Offshore industry. (Norway)


North American Crane Company

Design, manufacture and services marine cranes for use in offshore and dockside applications. North American Crane & Equipment Co. has been manufacturing Alaska Marine Cranes for the Marine Industry for over 20 years (USA).

Maritime GMC A.S.

Knuckle jib cranes, fixed boom cranes, telescope cranes and davits for the Offshore industry (Norway)

Melcal Marine Cranes

Marine Cranes (Italy)

Melcal Marine Cranes www.melcalmarine.com

Melcal Marine’s key areas of research and expertise are box boom pedestal marine & offshore cranes, having one of the world’s largest ranges of stiff boom, telescopic boom, knuckle telescopic boom, knuckle jib boom and foldable knuckle telescopic boom cranes.

Melcal Marine’s wide product range covers all marine and offshore applications from 10mt to 1000mt. research and design focus on safety, reliability, stress/load conditions within the corrosive marine environment during daily lifting operations.


Offshore Crane Designer and Manufacturer for the offshore industry with reliable, cost effective and easily maintained marine cranes (USA & UK)

SMST Designers & Constructors

Offshore and pedestal cranes SWL upto 100t.


Offshore crane supplier (Norway)

Water Weights

Water Weights for proof load testing of offshore cranes (Worldwide)




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