Acco Chain & Lifting Products

Lifting equipment, hoist and stackers (USA)

Åkerströms Björbo Industrial lifting equipment

Remote control equipment (Sweden)


Rack and pinion hoists

Allied Power Products

Winches and hoists (USA)

American Drill Bushing

Manufacturers of hoist rings, tooling components and bushings. (USA)

American Sling

Manufacturers of slings and lifting devices (USA)

AMKO Bearings Ltd.

Slew rings and bearing manufacturers. (UK)

Arbil Lifting Gear

Lifting, winching and jacking gear hire and sales.(UK)


Radio remote controls for cranes (Italy)

Avon Bearings

Large diameter slewing rings and bearings (USA)


Load handling hoists and winches (USA)

Beta Max

Hoist manufacturer (USA)



Bloom Manufacturing

Worm gear and planetary hydraulic winches, capstans and speed reducers


Gearboxes for mobile cranes (Italy)


Winches and drive equipment (USA)


Bradley Lifting Corp

Below hook lifting devices (USA)

Bridon American Corp

Wire ropes. (USA)



Bridon International

Wire ropes (UK)

Bromma Conquip

Spreaders beam manufacturers (Sweden)


Electric chain and wire rope hoists (Italy)

Bushman Equipment

Below hook equipment. (USA)


Heavy lifting specialists (Sweden)


Digital controls for DC motors. (USA)

Caldwell Group

Below the hook crane & hoist attachments. (USA)

Casar Drahtseilwerk Saar

Wire ropes. (Germany)


Spare parts (Netherlands)


Hook blocks and sheaves. (France)

Chester Hoist Inc

Manufacturer of chain & wire rope hoists (USA)




Chicago Hardware & Fixture Co.

Shackles, eyebolts, wire ropes.(USA)


Coffing Hoists

Hoists and lifting equipment. (USA)

Columbus McKinnon

Hoists, chains and lifting gear. (USA)

Commander Controls

Crane remote control manufacturer (UK)


Crosby Group

Blocks and fittings for wire rope and chain (USA)

Cummins Engine Co.

Engines and generators. (USA, Worldwide)

Dana Corporation

Off-highway axles and transmissions (USA, Worldwide)


Remote controls for EOT cranes, loader cranes (Sweden)

David Round

Hoists, winches, and lifting equipment.(USA)


De Haan Musselkanaal

Hook blocks, sheaves and shackles. (Netherlands).

Dietz, August Rich & Sohn

Special wire ropes. (Germany)


Overload protection and overload weighing systems (Canada, USA)

Dorvic Engineering

Heavy Load Moving Skates, Rollers and Dollies. (UK)

Eilon Engineering

Dynamometers, Load Cells, Hanging Scales and Crane Scales. (USA)

Emmert International

Heavy haul transportation and rigging services.(USA)


Planetary gear drives and disc brakes. (USA)

F.D. Lake Company

Specialising in rigging and fall protection as well as wire ropes and slings. (USA)

Fitop Machinery Co., Ltd

Electric chain and wire rope hoists. (Taiwan).

Fomotech International

Remote control & safety systems (Taiwan).

Gensco Equipment

Grapples, buckets, magnets and material handling . (USA)





Hoist manufacturers. (Switzerland)

Greer Company

Crane monitoring systems including including RCI's (Rated Capacity Indicators), A2B (Anti-two block systems), angle systems, drum rotation indicators, and other products for lattice and telescopic boom cranes (USA)

Guardian Instruments

Manufacturer of crane monitoring instrumentation (USA)

Harrington Hoists

Powered and manual hoists. (USA)


Remote control equipment (Germany)


Truck crane accessories (USA)



Helmut Kempkes

Electric wire rope hoists. (Germany)

Hilman Rollers

Industrial rollers and skates (USA)

Hoffmann Fordertechnik

Electric chain hoists (Germany)

Hyco International

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers for mobile cranes. (USA)


Chain cable and systems. (USA)

Industrial Hoist Services

All types of hoist. (USA)

Ingersoll Rand

Hoists, winches and ergonomic handling equipment.(USA).

Insul-8 Corporation

Crane electrification. (USA)


Crane scales and dynamometers (USA)

Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc

Material handling systems for truck cranes. (USA).


Below the hook equipment. (USA).


Radio remote control equipment. (Spain).

J&R Engineering

Hydraulic boom gantries. (USA).

Jay Electronique

Remote control equipment (France).

Jeamar Winches

Hand and heavy duty winches, sheaves and blocks. (Canada).


Lift trucks, reachstackers, straddle carriers and RTG cranes (Sweden).

Ken Forging

Manufacturers of rigging equipment. (USA)

Konecranes (UK)

Hoist and factory cranes (UK)


LeBus International

Cable spooling products.(USA).

Leschen Wire Rope

Wire rope production (USA)

Letellier M.H.E.

Below the hook equipment. (USA)

Lift Systems

Lifting and rigging. (USA).


Lift-All Co

Sling manufacture (USA)

Lifting Logic

Providing tool and equipment hire and sales for all your jacking, lifting, winching, material handling and safety requirements.

Load Instrumentation Ltd

Load moment indicators and crane weighers. (UK

Load Systems International

Manufacturers of crane load monitoring systems (USA)

Marcar Steel and Engineering

Chains and slewing bearings (UK)

Markload Systems

Safe load indicator systems (USA)

Maska Pulleys Inc.

V Belt pulleys. (USA).

Measurement Systems Int.

Load cells and weighing and force measurement. (USA)

MICO, Inc.

Hydraulic components and braking systems (USA)

Monitoring Services (U.K.) Ltd

Load cells and load monitoring equipment. (UK)

My-Te Products

Winch and hoist products. (USA).


Air driven hoists (Germany)


Hydraulic work platforms and access equipment.(UK)


Lifting chains (Austria)

PIAB Sweden AB

Force measurement (Sweden)



Hydraulic work platforms and access equipment.(UK)


Lifting chains (Austria)

PIAB Sweden AB

Force measurement (Sweden)

Pullmaster Winch Corp

Winches (Canada).


Electric chain hoists (UK)

Ramsey Winch

Hoists and winches (USA)

Reva Industries Ltd

EOT cranes (India)

Riggers Manufacturing Co.

Jacking systems (USA)

Robway Safety Systems

Load instrumentation systems (Australia)


Winches,capstains and winch systems (Germany)


RUD Kettenfabrik

Chain and rigging attachments (Germany)

Salzgitter Maschinenbau

Grabs (Germany)


Load measurement and pressure sensing monitoring (Norway).


Power line proximity alarms. (USA).

Slingmax Inc.

Slings and rigging attachments. (USA)

SpanSet Inc

Load control and lifting systems.(USA).



Load links and crane weighers. (UK)


Grabs and grapples. (Germany).

Tandemloc Inc

Lifting equipment (USA)

Techno Fine USA Inc.

Crane camera system (USA).



Technotex Industrial Supply

Polyester lifting slings. (Netherlands).

Thern Inc

Industrial winches and hoists (USA).

Timberland Equipment

Winches, sheaves, hoists and derricks (Canada).

Tinsley, HJ & Co

Sliprings and cable drums. (UK)

Trenza Y Cables

Wire ropes. (Spain).

Tulsa Winch

Winches and planetary products. (USA)


Braking systems, disc brakes, flexible and clutch couplings (UK)

United States Crane

Man baskets and lifting attachments. (USA)

Universal Lifting Products

Manufacture lifting products & load indicators (USA).


Electric hoists and crane components (France)


Condition monitoring for crane weighers and safe load indicators. (Switzerland).



Wesco Industries Ltd

Supply and manufacture of wire rope, chain, slings, rigging and lifting equipment. (Canada)

Wycliffe Electrical Services

Crane and excavator load safety repairers and specialists (UK)

Wylie Systems

safe load indicators (USA, Canada, UK)

Yoke Industrial Corp

lifting chain and fittings (UK)

Yokota Europa BV

Air hoists and winches (Netherlands)



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